Episode 84

#84 Ana Clements is Here to Show You How You Can Use Your Voice and Earn a Living

Published on: 26th September, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a living by using your voice?  I’m not referring to a singing career but rather a one doing voice-overs.  Audiobook narrators and voice-over work has been around for decades, but, today, there’s an explosion of ways you can make money and earn a living as one.

No longer do you need to hire a studio, an engineer, an editor, etc., you can now do it all and at home.

Today’s guest Ana Clements is Spanish by birth, British by nature, and as a bilingual, she says “she has twice as much to say”. She is the founder of the AUDIOBOOKS CLUB on Club House and helps those who are looking to become Audiobook Narrators, Voice Over Actors, or, anyone who is testing the waters, or a pro and to keep up with the latest and greatest news updates about the field. Ana is here today to show you how you too can begin using your voice to create a new stream of income for yourself.

Ana worked in the corporate world of finance for over 20 years.  She felt like she hit a wall and knew she wanted to make a change.  As a seasoned vocalist, she decided she wanted to make a living using her voice.  So she cut the cord, and, jumped into the world of voice-over work full-time.

Ana spent two years studying sound engineering and vocal production.  She’s studied acting, character voicing, and narration.

Today she works from her home studio in the U.K.  She is a bi-lingual audiobook narrator and voice-over actor. 

There are lots to learn, so, grab your earbuds, grab a pen a paper (she’s going to drop some pearls of wisdom here you don’t want to miss so be sure to take good notes) and If you’d like to learn more, be sure to join her over at Club House.

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