#70 Take a Time-Out -Unwind & Get More Productive!

Published on: 23rd July, 2020

As we go through one of the most stressful, chaotic times in our history, it's important that we try to stay  on track where our health is concerned.  

I don't know about you, but, this is one area I've been having a difficult time.  One of the ways I like to exercise in the pool.  At first, the closed the pools at our complex for the first three months.  Then, they re-opened them with limited hours (8-5) all of which I would be working and unable to get there at those times.  Now, I'm just very anxious about getting into the pool with this virus around.  

Are you feeling like you can't get your workout in they way you used to?  Do you feel like you're gaining weight because of it?  I do.  And, it's really bothering me.  So, this week I've made the decision that I will start dancing again.

Join me August 8th for one of the best workouts you'll have had in decades.  Daybreaker is a dance group from around the globe.  I first saw them when I went to see Oprah's 2020 Vision Tour in Miami this past January and they kicked off the conference.  They were such an amazing, high-energy and fun opener, we were all on our feet dancing and opening up our Chakra's it was truly spectacular.

I went to one of my first virtual experiences with them and I was blown away.  The theme was Dancing Through The Decades, they had Jefferson Starship playing via live-stream.  Debbie Allen (choreographer from The FAME movie (my mentor during my dance career), The Village People Singing via live-stream and Gloria Gaynor singing her infamous tune "I Will Survive" and JellyBean Benitez spinning the tunes via livestream.  It was truly my 2nd best Saturday morning I ever spent (Oprah was the first).  

You're in luck, cause she's running another one coming up on August 8th.  Here's the link  DAYBREAKER SIGN UP .  I don't know what the theme will be, but, I'm sure, it will not disappoint.  Be sure to sign up!!  I'll see you there.

We are stronger in numbers, let's do this!  Here's to your health, fitness, happiness, love and success!!

Rock On & Rock Out!





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